Programs that fit every age, ability, and commitment level

Youth Training

All sessions take place @ 2381 Boswell Road Chula Vista, CA

How CLasses are run


Every session begins with ground based mobility to help athletes gain dynamic flexiblity

Warm - Up

The warm-up is specific to what the training session will demand. They go through walking dynamic stretches, activation, and ballistic stretching.


Each day has a different theme of how we teach movement. These "movement skills" are taught begore we integrate them into the workout. 


Speed training is divided into categories, each performed on a single day of the week: Acceleration, Lateral, Multidirectional, Top Speed, and Plyometrics

Strength Training

Strength training is progressed safely and according to athlete's skill level, level of maturity, and where they are in their growth cycle. We mix a combination of strength and plyometrics, which allows for more power, faster running speeds, and decreases risk of injury.

Core Training

Core training is more than just crunches and 6-pack training. It involves stabilization, flexion, extension, lateral stability, and rotational. We train all of these throughout the week. 


Our Mission

Ronnie, Les, and Conroy all trained and/or Coached at the Olympic training center. With a combined passion for training, youth, and mentorship- they launched the youth program to provide the South Bay with the highest quality of training possible. They always talked about how athletes were not developed athletically as much as they were technically for their sport. Spellman Performance bridges that gap between sport skill and athletic ability.

Sunday Beach Training


Eninitas Moonlight Beach


Develops speed, foot strength, conditioning, and allows for safe plyomentrics


Every Sunday 10-11:30

ADditional youth programs

Offseason Football Training

November 1 - April 1

Monday-Friday 4:30-6PM

For HS and Middle School Athletes who aspire to play at the highest level possible. 

  • Speed training
  • Combine testing 
  • Strength + power sessions
  • Flexibility/Mobility sessions

Off Season Track Program

November 1 - March 1

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  @ 4-6pm

Sunday 12pm

  • Led by Olympic Training Center Athlete, Ronnie Taylor
  • Event specific training 
  • Prep for Indoor/outdoor seasons